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thelivingtruth's Journal

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The first and most important rule that must at all times be followed is to respect fellow community members. Do not assume they are ignorant because of a comment or post made. If someone says something silly, it does not mean that they are dumb. It could mean they just had an oversight, or they simply were not in a proper state of mind. Also, (*gasp*) you could be wrong. We must strive as people to assume the best of others. If you do get into a tiff, make sure to line the conversation with smiley faces or frowney faces to signify your mood. The internet is a slippery place where people's intentions are often misinterpreted.

Second: it is imperative to present proof of relevance and evidence for all relevant statements made in reply. Please avoid posting replies that take 50 questions from other users just for them to understand what you are saying. There's nothing more frustrating that trying to carry on a conversation with someone who is sparatic in their reasoning. Keep a clear and apparent state of mind in all posts.

Third: do not post on the main page replies to comments made. If a comment made is troublesome to you then post a REPLY. If the reply is ornate and large in size then e-mail that user. Please refrain from posting things that are intended to conform others thoughts to those of your own. Duke it out via e-mail. I will remove all posts of this nature. THIS IS A COMMUNITY OF SHARING, its not a newspaper. It's alive and breathing, don't kill it with your own agenda. Be courteous to those not interested.

Fourth: This community was founded on the idea of creating a quasi-online bible study. Keep that in mind as you post. Please post things that are relevant to the bible. Remember, all truth comes from God, but not everything is true. One of the goals of this community is to help train others in how to distinguish truth.

e-mail me with any questions, complaints, or ideas at ben144@gmail.com