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Long Time No Update

Sorry about the lack of updates... School's been kickin my butt like woah. Anyway,

I've been reading through the book of proverbs lately and in the first few chapters Solomon basically outlines the way to start living a sucessfull life. In Provers 1:7 He notes to his son that the beginning of all knowlege as to proverbs (the book and other ways of instruction) is "the fear of the Lord" and I thought to myself, "I've heard this a lot, but what does it mean?" I went ahead and consulted my Strongs Reference (you can look up words and phrases and it outlines greek words as well as other uses of the word or phrase go to and download the program and you can add on the strongs guide for free) and it stated a meaning along the lines of reverence for God. I thought, "Hmmm" and continued on reading through chapter 2 of Proverbs and in the first 6 verses it talks about seeking wisdom, and how if we consistantly seek wisdom we will understand what the fear of the Lord means.

So I broke it down like this

To gain complete understanding of Godly instuction we must possess the fear of the Lord and in seeking wisdom it will become abundantly clear what the fear of the Lord is.

I thought it was very interesting that there is a definite distinction between being wise, having knowlege, and having knowlege with understanding. The only commonality between any of these things is that God grants us clarification. That simply learning and reading about Him means nothing. If we simply sought after pure knowlege for knowlege sake we would have no true understanding. But if we sought after knowlege to be wise in the ways of God and understanding who He is, God would show us just how amazing He is. Then all knowlege would become like this. So that the more we understand about the world, ourselves, and God, we would have more and more reverence or "fear of the Lord." That the key is desire, and not a mere empty act. Something only God can create in us.

Lesson learned. The more we learn about God, the more we realize how amazing He is and how hopeless we are without Him. When we realize this our desire to know Him more is strengthened so that we can be changed.


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