benjaminjgross (benjaminjgross) wrote in thelivingtruth,

Someone shared a thought with me the other day, so I thought I'd post it here.

Imaging someone really famous. Your favorite movie star, your favorite musician, whoever. Now imagine reading everything about this person. Knowing their favorite ice cream, the names of their kids, who they are married to, where they just recently vacationed, who inspires them, etc. Now imagine seeing this person in real life. If you went up to them and just started talking to them, you'd probably feel like you knew who they were, but if you were talking to them as their friend, they probably would be a bit confused and maybe even uncomfortable. Why? Because although you've read about them, studied them, knew who they were. They have no clue who you are. This is the way it is with God. We can read about Him, study Him, try to justify his existence, accept He exists, accept His son existed, yet without a relationship with Him. He cannot truely know who we are in such a context. There is a seperation of ourselves. If God simply made us choose Him, it would not be a relationship, it would be a spiritual rape. He may change our hearts, He may change our lives, but unless we are willing to humble ourselves before Him and not choose against who He is, we can never have a relationship with Him. Let it be known however, that this state of humility is only available through God's work. Although ultimately a choice by most of us to follow, we cannot know who we truely are without God first showing us who He is.


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